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Quechua word meaning 'stand up', 'get on your feet'.

Peru is a land with a complex, unpredictable geography and an immense ethnic diversity. Its multiple hybridization processes have created a unique cultural heterogeneity and a vast range of truly valuable artistic manifestations.

Driven by a profound admiration for the vast talents of the Peruvian people, we founded SayariyProducciones in 2005. We are committed to sharing with the rest of the world the richness of the artistic expressions arising in this country as spontaneous manifestations of a multicultural society. This goal can only be attained through products of the highest quality, those truly representative of the unique talent of their creators. We have, therefore, clearly identified the unwavering point of our work: the excellence of Peruvian products.

SayariyProducciones also aims to awaken awareness within Peru of the true value of our own treasures. We are confident that this reappraisal of our cultural patrimony –and, consequently of our identity– will open the doors for new generations to keep these traditions alive and standing.

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